Sample of hose fitted with re-useable fittings.
Left click on image to enlarge. These fittings are very high quality field-fit fittings. They can be installed on the hose using as little as 2 spanners. These fittings are re-useable on new hose & are superior to crimped fittings which must be replaced when they leak.
High quality, Field-fit, re-useable fittings. 
Our fitting prices are well below market price.
These fittings are installed onto the hose using two spanners - very simple and totally secure. They are very high class fittings which we are able to sell at a very competitive price. Straight $12,  90 degree $14. A set of 4 fittings is $52.
Left Click on this picture to enlarge and you will see the quality of these fittings.
Oil Hose - Order length as required.
Our hose prices are well below market price.
Single steel braided oil pressure hose, rated at 3200 psi. Outside diameter 14mm. Inside diameter 5mm diameter.
Also available, single steel braided oil pressure hose, rated at 3200 psi. Outside diameter 16mm. Inside diameter 6.35mm.
Price $12 per metre. 
Steel Braided Hose.
High quality steel braided, fabric covered oil hose is used. 
Lid assembly.
This pic shows stainless steel spring adaptor installed. This adaptor is used when using standard toilet rolls to prevent oil leakage around the base of the roll. 
Sandwich Adaptor. (Comes with or without adaptor nipple to connect to Jackmaster hoses)
Available also in conversion mode allowing use of the filter of your choice.
This fitting is installed between the full flow filter and the engine block. The installation is a simple one and avoids any disturbance of the original fitting of the oil pressure switch. It is the most superior of all the methods of accessing oil pressure feed for the bypass oil filter. The adaptor offers several ports which may be used for a variety of  purposes. Oil pressure guage, oil cooler, oil temperature guage and other devices. Various size centre nuts are available. Conversion nuts are available to convert to different sized threads. You can convert to a cheaper or more available filter.
Swivel fitting for Oil Return.
This is an excellent way to return oil to the engine by drilling a 10mm hole dead centre in the oil filler cap. This allows for many options such as, partial oil changes and oil removal simply by removing the cap while the engine is running and allowing the fitting to pump oil into a container. Some diesel owners remove a litre of oil occasionally and put it in the fuel tank. It is then used as fuel. A perfect way to recoup the cost of the oil and at the same time add new oil to the engine. They find that oil changes are eliminated totally.
Standard 1/8" Gas, Steel, Tee Fitting.
This solid, steel fitting is suitable for most applications where the oil pressure switch is 1/8" gas. It extends the switch out approximately 33mm from its original position in the engine block and mounts it at right angles to the original plane. The fitting terminates in a 1/4"BSP Nipple which is suited to the standard Jackmaster hose fittings.
This Tee fits most applications and is certainly the most common Tee used. 

Many of the expensive bypass filter systems do not use the high quality steel wire braided hose and re-useable, field-fit fittings that Jackmaster uses. We know that you don't need hose kits that are rated at 3200 PSI. We use them because this type of hose is best suited to a quality connection when using field-fit fittings. In order to include such high quality hose and fittings with our filters we bulk purchase them and place a modest markup on them when selling. It is simply part of our effort to strive for quality in our product while keeping the price to a level where bypass filtration achieves a level of market penetration it has long been denied.

Jackmaster are committed to bringing bypass filtration to a much wider section of society than has previously been aware of it. We firmly believe that it can be a major step in assisting the limitation of both the ecological damage caused by used-oil disposal and greenhouse emissions stemming from new engine and new vehicle production. Not only does it conserve oil and limit its disposal rate, but it markedly increases the life span of engines thereby limiting the considerable greenhouse emissions created by the production of more engines and more vehicles. (Not to mention the noxious emissions reduced by keeping existing engines in good running condition) So many vehicles end up on the scrap heap before their time because the engine is dead. Bypass filtration will alleviate this and dramatically increase the life span of an engine. We ask you to keep this in mind and consider using bypass filtration - even if it's not ours.

Some sites to search for information on Bypass filtration. These are all quality units.




Distributor Manifold Fitting.
This fitting can be used to assemble groups of filters in parallel configuration. It is capable of supplying 3 filters at once. A pressure guage can be fitted. Larger distributor fittings are available. We have found that the smaller filters running in parallel conection are easier & less messy to service. In cramped engine spaces the filters may be placed in situations where space can be found. A major reason for using this method of multiple filters is that a special valve that we make can switch on the extra filter, or filters, at higher revs when engine oil pressure is at an acceptable level.
Large Distributor Manifold.
This valve is capable of using the pressure differential valve which can switch on filters at a pre-determined pressure. It can run 5 filters. The pressure control valve and a pressure guage can be installed if required. The guage assists in re-setting or checking the switch-on pressure for any pressure regulated filters.
Standard 4 Way Distributor Block Assembly.
The valve block comes with fittings and can supply 3 filters. In this photo one set of holes is blanked with plugs. This fitting can be adapted to be a neat solution to many difficult situations. It is a highly adaptable fitting.
Universal Tee Adaptations.
The universal tee is a very adaptable fitting. We have fittings to solve very difficult problems because we manufacture special fittings to be adaptable to suit many complex situations. This fitting is a solution to many of the most difficult situations and makes a neat job where a lot of bits and pieces would make a dog's breakfast of a job. The photo shows just some of the arrangements it is capable of.

Cutoff and flow metering control valve.

Accurately controls flow metering to bypass filter or other devices. Very high quality valve also used as a cutoff valve. There is a 1/4"BSP port in either end of the valve and I can supply various fittings to suit. Pressure rating is 3000PSI and the valve has a check valve installed with direction flow control. Can be used to replace the pressure orifice in a bypass filter allowing you to set a variable bleed and cuttoff through your bypass filter. Also works positively as a dump valve.

Schrader Valve fitting for oil Expulsion


this valve is installed in the lid of the filter by drilling and tapping either 1/8"BSPT or 1/8"NPT. A few strokes of air delivered from a tyre pump will expell oil from the filter and force it back down the lines. The lid can then be removed without any oil spillage. Great for filters that are mounted lower than the supply or return points.