Jackmaster Bypass Oil Filter.
This budget-priced, powder coated, high pressure, diecast, aluminium alloy filter container is designed to last and can be fitted with standard cellulose rolls that are compatible with other systems such as Frantz and Kleenoil. A FREE roll filter is included with each purchase. Contact us for P&H on larger orders.
We are committed to making this the most cost effective bypass system available.
Cellulose Roll Filter
A tightly wound cellulose roll in a fine cheese-cloth bag with a metal eyelet for easy, clean removal. Designed to continuously clean lubrication oil of harmful and corrosive solids, water and chemicals. Approximate size 105mm dia. X 105 mm length. We sell these elements in any quantity you wish.  
Jackmaster Filter showing Dump Valve connected.
Dump Valves are used in instances where the operator wishes to have a method to empty the filter quickly before opening the lid. These valves are actually shut off valves and can be used on both inlet and outlet ports for different reasons.

Schrader Evacuation Valve used to evacuate oil from bypass filter before removing lid. This valve can be supplied in 1/8"NPT or 1/8"BSPT. The lid of the bypass filter is drilled and tapped in an appropriate place and the schrader valve is fitted. It is a great way to force oil back to the engine before removing the filter lid. Especially useful where the filter is mounted low - a few pumps from a hand pump or a brief squirt of air from a tyre pump and the lid can be removed without any oil spillage from the filter even while pulling out the old element. Simple to install and use.

Element to suit Ultra1 bypass filter. Very tightly wound with dual density winding. The element is tighter in the lower half than the upper half. The blue material around the top acts as a positioning seal. The element itself is sealed into the cansiter by two ridges, one on the base outer, one on the base inner. The lid forces the element to seat on these ridges which gives a positive seal against any oil flow around the element. This is an excellent element design and is available from many suppliers around the world. In keeping with our idea of not holding the buyer ransom to our element we use globally available elements. We prefer to remain price competetive to gain sales.

Jackmaster Ultra1 bypass filter. Dimensions approximately 104mm diameter - 143mm high not including handle. Comes with mounting bracket and 1/4" BSP fittings and mounting bolts. Filter comes without element - elements supplied by Jackmaster. In keeping with our promise not to hold the buyer ransom to element purchases this filter has been designed to use a range of elements available all over the world. It has been designed as a hybrid filter and is able to accepot toilet roll elements or the special designed elements which give ultra results.

Swivel fitting for Oil Return.
This is an excellent way to return oil to the engine by drilling a 10mm hole dead centre in the oil filler cap. This allows for many options such as, partial oil changes and oil removal simply by removing the cap while the engine is running and allowing the fitting to pump oil into a container. Some people remove a litre of oil occasionally and put it in the fuel tank. It is then used as fuel. A perfect way to recoup the cost of the oil and at the same time add new oil to the engine. They find that oil changes are eliminated totally.

Jackmaster Ultra3 Bypass Filter. Designed for trucks. Dimensions approximately 190mm diameter - 193mm high not including handle.Comes with mounting bracket, bolts and connection nipples on the base.

Jackmaster Ultra2 with pressure guage. Dimensions approximately 210mm high - 155mm diameter less handle height. There is a guage in the base which monitors pressure in the filter. When the element is reducing flow due to use the guage gives a relevant indication.

26mm Transition Nipple - Isuzu, Pajero, Delica diesel.

Replaces original 26mm nipple & transitions to 3/4" Z9 filter or a standard remote assembly. This option leaves a lot more room as it does away with using the sandwich adaptor. Two locknuts are supplied to allow the nipple to be securely tightened onto the seat in the filter mount. The remote filter engine fitting can be mounted on the original filter mount and an oil cooler can be installed inline to the remote filter. The nipple closes off the small bleed hole which initially allowed access from the bypass element in the dual element filter. This ensures that no waste oil flow to sump occurs when using the new filter. It is not advised to do away with the dual element filter unless you are using an add-on bypass filter to keep the oil clean.


Check out the photo pages - see how to remove and replace a dirty filter. I've changed this filter in a dinner suit!. It's an easy task. If you wish more details go to our contact page (above).


Swivel Fitting to Return Cleaned Oil Through Oil Cap

Cap fits under top washers. Rubber washer fits inside cap followed by another washer and Lok nut. Brass contruction and a low profile. Hollow threaded centre tube is 10mm in diameter. A 10mm hole is required to be drilled through the cap.