Swivel Return Fitting on a Toyota Surf. 
This is the best way to return oil to the engine. Some people remove a little oil periodically and use it as fuel. They then replace it with some new oil; an excellent way to recoup the cost of the oil and maintain a high standard of engine oil. They claim that oil changes are no longer necessary.
Oil being sucked out of Filter installed.
This pic shows oil being removed using a suction pump. Normally, there is no need to do this as the oil remaining in the filter is clean. This is a good shot of the inside of the canister, showing the steel insert thread in the base. 
Installation in Mercedes Diesel running on Used Cooking oil.
The return line was connected to a fitting which was installed by drilling & tapping the head. The owner also uses one of these filters to clean the used cooking oil, with excellent results, before it is used in the vehicle.   
Toyota Surf install using metal plate under battery.
This excellent installation was done in England by a very innovative installer. The filter bracket was attached to a plate which was designed to fit under the battery.
Jackmaster filters are now in many countries around the world.
This one is in England. Zaz has done a great job on this one. The mounting plate is installed under the battery. We have many good shots of installations of our filter from all over the world. We will upload them as time permits. 
Installation to Hi-Ace Minibus 1KZ-TE Diesel.
This was installed in Barbados by a guy who knows that clean oil is more important than where the battery is situated. Charlie has moved the battery to a new address and the filter now sits in that newly created space.
Toyota 24mm Sandwich installed
Here a 24mm Sandwich adaptor is installed in a Troopy - nice and snug - so simple - much easier than messing with the oil pressure switch and there are 2 more ports showing - ready for Turbo and something else. This was a 5 minute job.
Message to our valued customers around the world who have installed Jackmaster Filters.
I have lost many addresses due to a computer crash. I would really appreciate catching up with you all and getting pics of your installations. We have a device which we call the Manifold Distributor which allows multiple filters to be added. This is great for small diesels because 2 filters are definitely better than 1 and we will give you a big discount on the second filter. A pressure control valve can be fitted which allows the second or subsequent  filters to come in at oil pressures greater than what you get at idling. We saw this as important in small diesels.
Hope to hear from you soon. Remember, we will look after you on the price of updating to dual filters. 
Distributor Block Fitting - Used on Toyota Troopy to Supply Dual Filters.
This block fitting was designed by us to achieve a neat and trouble free connection of 2 filters or more in parallel to create a Dual or Triple filter. It has many features. The small block is able to connect up to 3 filters in parallel. It can be used with our pressure control valve to turn on multiple filters at different pressures to avoid pressure loss at idling. It can be fitted with a pressure guage. It can offer ports for other uses. The larger model can supply still more filters and can be used to run our multi-filter racks. The idea offers many uses just as our swivel fitting does for the return oil. 
Dual filters fitted to Toyota Troopy - Queensland, Australia.
This is a nice installation of a dual filter setup. The beauty of using the multi-connection block is that it is not always easy to find space to mount your filters together. You can position them anywhere and the hose run is neat and reliable.
Oil From Toyota Troopy After 5000Kms. Using Dual Filters.
The oil here has done 5000 kms in short runs which creates more soot than long running. It is clean and will run a lot longer. Darkening is caused mainly by sub micron carbon with some darkening of additive. With easily performed, small, partial changes, via the swivel return fitting, it should run indefinitely.
Toyota Landruiser 1HZ showing Distributor Block Attached.
Dual filters are about to be installed and the block valve has been bolted to the engine very neatly. Spare ports remain on this block valve and one of them could be used to install a pressure guage. This installation is using the Special 3 way Toyota Surf Tee. This also has extra ports for connecting things like pressure guages.
Toyota Surf Installation 2LTE Diesel. (Full Instructions & Pics)
Created & submitted by Rob Hall.
Ford Courier 2.5 Turbo Diesel. (Good Pics, no instructions )
Created & submitted by Martin Homes.
Toyota Surf installation complete - Installed in England. (Full instructions & Pics)
Created & submitted by ZAZ - A brilliant installation
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Toyota Landcruiser showing Dual filters fitted in place of One Battery.
One battery has been re-located to clear a space for the dual filters. This is a nice installation.