Swivel Return used on Ribbed Oil Cap.
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On this Toyota 1KZ Hilux the oil filler Cap has a centre rib. You have the option of getting a flat top cap from the wrecking yard or modifying the existing cap. In this installation the cap was placed in a lathe and the rib was drilled with a 19mm drill, down to the bottom of the rib. The hole was completed through the cap with a 10mm drill. The rubber seal on the swivel was then used on the outside of the cap, instead of inside, as on the flat caps. The large, flatwasher was then used on top of the rib and the 3 small spacing washers were discarded. Click to enlarge picture.
Swivel fitting for Oil Return.
This is an excellent way to return oil to the engine by drilling a 10mm hole dead centre in the oil filler cap. This allows for many options such as, partial oil changes and oil removal simply by removing the cap while the engine is running and allowing the fitting to pump oil into a container. Some diesel owners remove a litre of oil occasionally and put it in the fuel tank. It is then used as fuel. A perfect way to recoup the cost of the oil and at the same time add new oil to the engine. They find that oil changes are eliminated totally.

Swivel Extension

Raises return swivel above the level of engine cover. Many vehicles these days have engine covers and the oil filler cap is recessed so that the standard return swivel fouls the cover. This extension can be made to order in various lengths.

Universal tee fitting - designed specifically for the Toyota Surf. This fitting has removable nipples which may be replaced with conversion nipples to allow its use in a variety of applications. It was designed originally for the Toyota Surf where there was no room for the standard tee fitting. 

Oil Cap Swivel Fitting for Cleaned Oil Return.
The most appropriate way to return oil to the engine. It allows many options such as checking oil flow or simple removal of oil.
Swivel fitting installed in a Gemini Oil Cap.
This is a fairly standard type of oil cap. In this type of cap a 10mm hole is drilled dead centre in the cap. The fitting is assembled into the cap leaving the 2 spacing washers on top of the cap and installing the rubber seal inside the cap. Place the large washer over the seal and screw on the Nyloc nut. Tighten just enough to be firm and compress the rubber only slightly. The seal does not need to be compressed very much.
Oil Hose attached to Swivel in Oil Cap.
Note the spacing washers on top of the cap.
Standard 1/8" Gas, Steel, Tee Fitting.
This solid, steel fitting is suitable for most applications where the oil pressure switch is 1/8" gas. It extends the switch out approximately 33mm from its original position in the engine block and mounts it at right angles to the original plane. The fitting terminates in a 1/4"BSP Nipple which is suited to the standard Jackmaster hose fittings.
This Tee fits most applications and is certainly the most common Tee used. 
Universal Remote Tee Fitting. (Long Series)
This Tee fitting can be screwed into the block if necessary, but it is recommended that it be remote mounted and connected to the oil pressure port via a length of Jackmaster steel re-enforced hose with two standard Jackmaster re-useable hose fittings. The resulting hose assembly is a high pressure assembly and the Tee can be mounted anywhere in the engine bay or elsewhere, using a standard hose clamp to fix it to some solid mounted  pipe or suitable part. The pressure switch, filter take-off and any other device can then be fed with pressure from the Tee without placing any mechanical load on the pressure port in the engine block. This fitting is perfect for use in any application. It solves problems where good access to the oil swich port is difficult.

Low Profile Remote Oil filter supply Adaptor

The height of the unit is about 48mm and it was developed to fit very tight space situations. It has been used widely in Holden Performance Vehicles and cars with transplanted engines where space is limited. It will supply a remote mounted filter head of your choice. It is designed to swivel 360 degrees and locks down using a centre nut. The cap is then fitted and held in place with 3 Allen screws. It comes with AN8 or AN10 fittings and can also be supplied with Barb Fittings. The centre nut is supplied in whatever thread you need.

Toyota Surf Tee in Position.
This is the Surf Tee in position with the oil switch mounted. The 3 blanking plugs are tightened into the Tee before it is installed. When it is installed tightly into the engine block The 2 appropriate plugs are removed to allow installation of the oil switch and the oil pressure pickup nipple. This is done because of the awkard position of the oil switch in the Toyota Surf.

Sandwich Adaptor. (Comes with or without adaptor nipple to connect to Jackmaster hoses)
Available also in conversion mode allowing use of the filter of your choice.
This fitting is installed between the full flow filter and the engine block. The installation is a simple one and avoids any disturbance of the original fitting of the oil pressure switch. It is the most superior of all the methods of accessing oil pressure feed for the bypass oil filter. The adaptor offers several ports which may be used for a variety of  purposes. Oil pressure guage, oil cooler, oil temperature guage and other devices. Various size centre nuts are available. Conversion nuts are available to convert to different sized threads. You can convert to a cheaper or more available filter.
Swivel Return Fitting on a Toyota Surf. 

26mm Sandwich - Holden Rodeo, Jackeroo, Isuzu Trooper, etc.

This Sandwich is 90mm in diameter and has 3 ports 1/8"BSP as standard. Various port sizes can be supplied on demand. As with our other special sandwiches, this sandwich can be supplied with conversion nipple on the centre nut to allow the mounting of the filter of your choice or a remote filter adaptor. This last choice will allow the use of oil coolers and a remote mounted filter of your choice.

Toyota Surf Tee used as Universal Tee.
This is a Toyota Surf Tee used as a Universal Tee. It has been connected to the oil sensor port using a short length of Jackmaster steel braided hose and then taped to components in a suitable area. In this installation the mounting port cannot be seen. The 3 auxilliary ports carry the pressure switch, an oil guage and the filter supply.
Instructions for installing swivel into oilcap.
A 10mm hole must be drilled in the centre of the oil cap. Be careful doing this as it is easy to drill out of centre which will cause some problems later. The best way to do this is by drilling from the outside, not the inside of the cap. Drilling from the inside of the cap increases the chance of drilling the hole out of centre.
First mark out the centre of the cap and drill a small hole of about 1/8 inch. When this is done, increase the size of the hole to 10mm.
Remove the rubber sleeve from the fitting, leaving the metal washers in place. These washers are used to space the hose fitting above the oil cap in order to make it easier to connect the hose. Insert the swivel through the hole in the cap and re-install the rubber sleeve. It may be helpful in some cases to use several small spacing washers over the rubber to extend the nut down the shaft for easier tightening. This nut does not need to be tensioned very much - just enough to make the fitting firm in the cap. Now the cap can be replaced on the engine and the return hose connected.
Advantages of the swivel.
The Main advantage of the swivel fitting is in checking the oil flow through the filter. While the engine is running you can remove the cap to check oil flow. On engines which stall when the cap is removed. just use a spare cap for running.
Partial oil changes.
The swivel provides another extremely good function. Whenever you feel you would like to do a partial oil change, remove the cap and allow the engine to pump some oil into a container; then you can add some new oil. It is amazing just how little oil you need to add to make the oil in your engine look like new. The reason for this is because the oil in your engine is not dirty when you use a bypass filter. It may have taken on some colour from sub micron carbon and the small amount of oil added will show you just how clean it was.The oil you remove can be put into the fuel tank if it is a diesel engine. You recoup the cost of the oil and also dispose of it. It also provides fuel lubrication. Diesels can use quite a lot of oil in the fuel quite effectively. Many people are doing this. There are many reasons why you may need to remove oil. You may have overfilled your sump - just start the engine and pump it out again through the swivel. A swivel fitting is a must.


24mm Oil Cooler sandwich.  Designed to be used with the 24mm Toyota oil filter - diverts oil flow through an oil cooler before it goes through the spin-on filter which mounts on top of it. The two side ports are 1/8"NPT but can be made to your specifications. The two oil cooler fittings are AN10 and are steel fittings. They screw into the sandwich using 1/2"NPT threads - no seals to fail. The oil access throughout the sandwich is maximised, this is a high flow adaptor. I advise using a high flow oil cooler to maximise oil flow. All your engine oil will flow through here. In my opinion the best coolers have copper tubing with a diameter no less than 1/2" ID which is the sandwich access size. Whenever plumbing oil outside the engine it is my recommendation to use a good oil pressure alarm system. I also supply others including the 26mm and the 30mm filters.

30mm Oil Cooler Adaptor.  Suits 2H Toyota - this is designed to accept the original 30mm Toyota oil filter and divert oil flow through an oil cooler. Please read the information pertaining to the oil cooler sandwich to suit the 24mm Toyota filter. 

26mm Oil Cooler Adaptor Sandwich.  Suits the 26mm filter found on Mitsubishi engines such as Delica, Pajero Rodeo, etc. This adaptor comes with two sets of lock nuts which assist in removing the original 26mm filter spindle from the engine and replacing it with the included 24mm spindle so that the 24mm dual element Toyota filter can be installed. The new spindle blocks off the bypass bleed port in the engine filter bracket and prevents waste oil flow back to the sump. The original 26mm filter can not be used once it is separated from the engine by a sandwich. However, the 24mm Toyota filter is a venturi type filter and can be used. We can supply other filter threads such as 3/4"x16TPI to suit a Ryco Z9 filter. It is not recommended to use a standard single element filter with these engines without fitting an add on bypass filter. There are side ports on the sandwich which allow feed to a bypass filter. That combination will give excellent results. Read the description of the 24mm Toyota Oil Cooler adaptor above. That is almost the same adaptor that is used here and you will find more details such as construction etc.

Sandwich Adaptor to suit Toyota Diesel with 24mm full flow filter - Available also in conversion mode - allows the use of the filter of your choice.
Designed to give 3 or more ports to supply various devices. The sandwich body is 90mm in diameter and 47mm thick. Some Toyota vehicles are difficult to fit with a tee fitting on the oil pressure switch. This makes installation simple. It is possible to use this sandwich to supply multiple bypass filters which will avoid having to use the parallel connecting valve. Just connect the filter outlet ports with a tee before re-entry into the engine. 
Remote Adaptor Assembly - Allows the use of oil coolers.
This is used to mount the full flow filter in some remote position in the engine bay away from the normal position on the engine. The Supply Cap is simply screwed onto the position where the filter normally fits and the Filter Top Adaptor is mounted with its bracket in a suitable location. 1/2" hoses are then run between the 2 adaptors. The Filter Top Adaptor has 2 x 1/8"NPT ports to use for oil supply to Bypass filters, guages, etc. More ports can be machined. This system can be used in conjunction with a special Sandwich adaptor designed for the Toyota Surf which allows remote fitting a filter other than the original Toyota filter. When using a Bypass Filter it is not necesary to use a hybrid full flow filter as the Bypass Filter will maintain the oil in good condition. You can install an oil cooler in the circuit with this adaptor. 
Remote filter adaptor for Toyota vehicles using 24mm filter - Allows the use of oil coolers.
This adaptor enables a 24mm Toyota full flow filter to be remotely mounted. Of course you may use any filter you wish in the remote mount. Many people use the Z9 as it is no longer necesary to use a hybrid dual flow filter like the Toyota 90915-30002-8T or the Ryco Z334 when using a bypass filter. If you are not using a bypass filter I don't recommend doing away with the dual flow filter. You can install an oil cooler in the circuit when using this adaptor.

Sandwich Adaptor 13/16" x 16 TPI centre thread to suit many GM models including Chevrolet Diesel. This adaptor is 90mm diameter and 33mm thick. It is suitable for using under the Ryco Z24 full flow filter. Comes with special nipple to connect to Jackmaster hoses.

Toyota Sandwich 30mm Centre Thread

Fits Toyota 2H - 60 series and other applications. Uses Ryco Z161X filter with 30mm centre thread. Outside diameter can be 90mm or 100mm and thickness is 46mm. Has 3 x 1/8" BSP ports around the edge. Ports can be made to order with various threads and sizes. "O" ring is a large 5mm cross section x 84mm OD. The centre nut can be supplied with various nipple sizes to accomodate the filter of your choice or a remote mounted filter adaptor which will allow the use of oil coolers and remote filters including the filter of your choice.

26mm Transition Nipple - Isuzu, Pajero, Delica diesel.

Replaces original 26mm nipple & transitions to 3/4" Z9 filter or a standard remote assembly. This option leaves a lot more room as it does away with using the sandwich adaptor. Two locknuts are supplied to allow the nipple to be securely tightened onto the seat in the filter mount. The remote filter engine fitting can be mounted on the original filter mount and an oil cooler can be installed inline to the remote filter. The nipple closes off the small bleed hole which initially allowed access from the bypass element in the dual element filter. This ensures that no waste oil flow to sump occurs when using the new filter. It is not advised to do away with the dual element filter unless you are using an add-on bypass filter to keep the oil clean.

24mm Low Profile Engine Adaptor.

Fits Toyota diesel with 24mm oil filter thread. All filttings are steel. Adaptor is about 68mm high - can be used to supply oil to a remote filter head and install an oil cooler in the line if required. We can supply a 24mm filter head to suit the Toyota 24mm filter, but it is comparative to the price of a bypass filter which gives you so much more. Look at our Bypass filter range. We normally supply a filter head with AN10 steel fittings to suit Ryco Z9 with 3/4"x16tpi thread or the filter of your choice, we can supply various thread sizes. There are two 1/8"NPT ports with steel plugs, one either side. A Jackmaster Bypass filter can be added to the installation which does an outstanding job of cleaning your oil.