Remove the Dirty Roll Filter
Insert New Roll Filter - make sure you push down firmly on the centre of the roll to make contact with bottom seal. The Stainless steel spring adaptor shown in an accompanying picture here is a good way to ensure that this happens.
New Filter Installed
Replace and Secure the Top
Used Roll Filter Unwrapped after 5000 Km. in a Toyota 4 cyl. Diesel Hilux. Oil is clean but filter roll is well clogged and heavy with carbon.
View inside cannister.
The small hole seen alongside the bolt hole in the centre is the oil inlet hole and is 5mm in diameter. The smaller exit orifice which is 1.5mm in diameter cannot be seen as it is obscured by the edge of the conical, black neoprene seal.
The spokes of the filter rack are clearly seen. The bolt hole is chamfered to allow the centre bolt to easily locate it. The bolt hole contains a steel insert which is not easily seen in the photo. The top edge of the cannister shows machining which creates a good seal on the lid seal. 
Lid assembly.
This pic shows stainless steel spring adaptor installed. This adaptor is used when using standard toilet rolls to prevent oil leakage around the base of the roll.