Jackmaster Bypass Filter - Bottom
Jackmaster Bypass Filter - Top Off
Hoses Fitted to Base 1/4" BSP 
Inside the Jackmaster. Hole where dirty oil enters the centre of the roll is visible. The oil is forced down from the top of the roll and cleaned as it passes down through the filter.
Small Swaged Hoses and loose fittings.
Size: 32 inch (ca. 810 mm). Hoses cut to any length and fittings supplied.
Filter Mounting on Toyota Hilux 1KZ.
This is an excellent installation on a Toyota Hilux 1KZ. The filter bracket has been mounted on a piece of wood 15mm thick. The installation is on the engine bay skirt on the driver side rear; close to the brake, master cylinder. The wood packing allows clearance on the pipes and hoses in the area. Click on this picture to enlarge for a clearer view.
Installation in a Toyota Hilux 2.7 Diesel.
 Note the swivel return fitting.
Original Jackmaster.
This is the first filter of this series that we made. It was fitted to an Australian, Holden Commodore, which is a 6 cylinder, petrol fueled engine. The results were awesome and provided valuable information which we immediately used to improve the filter to prepare for marketing. Improvement is our constant aim and as we find ways to make things work better we introduce them. This filter was fitted to the car without changing the oil. The oil was not changed and was the normal dark colour of oil before an oil change. In less than 200 kms the oil became clean enough on the dipstick to read the graduations and we knew we had a winner.

Jackmaster Filter with Oil expeller Nipple fitted. This filter is installed in front of the radiator in an AU2 Falcon. The oil can be expelled from the filter body prior to opening the lid by using a tyre pump to pressurize the filter. A small amount of pressure such as a few strokes of a tyre pump will expell the oil back to the engine and prevent spillage when opening the filter.